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How yo unlock Sprint devices

Sprint makes unlocking your device about as easy as it gets. Only a few years ago, Sprint was difficult to work with regarding unlocking, however they took some major steps toward making unlocking a painless process.

Post-paid customers with SIM unlock-capable devices will have their device automatically unlocked by Sprint as soon as the device is eligible for it. You need not initiate any calls or submit any forms for this to happen.

Sprint also has some requirements in order get your device unlocked. If your account is in good standing and you meet the requirements, they should unlock your device in 5 days if possible.

Requirements to unlock your Sprint phone:

  • The device must be or have been active on the network for at least 50 days
  • The device is SIM Unlock capable
  • The connected account is in good standing including any installment billing, lease, or service agreement must be fulfilled, and any potential early termination fees, accelerated payment plans, and agreement options must be exercised and paid
  • The device has not been reported as lost or stolen or been flagged for fraudulent activity
  • For Sprint Forward devices, the device must have been active on the associated account for at least 12 months with the account active at that time

For customers that need to call in to have their device unlocked, Sprint Forward customers can contact Customer Care at 855-639-4644.

Sprint Unlocking security question data you’ll need:

  • Phone number of the main account holder
  • Account password (if there is one)
  • Last four digits of the account holder’s social security number
  • IMEI number. This can be found by going to Settings > General > Aboutor by dialling *#06#

For inactive devices, contact Sprint Customer Care to request a SIM unlock-capable device be unlocked. An over-the-air update may be necessary to unlock the device. Additional validation may be required to ensure eligibility. Sprint makes no guarantee that an unlocked device will work on another carrier’s network. For more information on unlocking a Sprint phone, visit Sprint’s unlock FAQ.

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The unlocking is permanent and keeps the phone’s warranty.